Important Tips for selling iPhone 4

Are you thinking about selling iPhone 4? Then you need some tips to guide you through the process. Many people start thinking about selling their Smartphone after Apple announces the release of new models. Although there is a trade-in program that Apple uses to pay customers for their older phones, you can make more money when you sell the device via an auction site or third-party company. Nevertheless, there are tips that can guide you so that you can get the most from your old iPhone.

Remember that the more you stay with your iPhone 4 the more it drops in value

Previous iPhone generations fall in their value by up to 5 percent after the first week of the announcement of the release of the new models In the second week, this figure increases by up to 12 percent and it can go even to 20 percent in a month’s time. This implies that if you sell your iPhone now you will get more money than you would if you sell it next month.

Unlock your iPhone 4 before you sell it

If you has an AT & T subscription and your contract has already come to an end, you need to check the unlock page for your device. This will guide you through the process of unlocking your Smartphone. An unlocked iPhone 4 will sell at a sellshark | best site to sell your apple devices higher price than a locked device. It will also attract more prospects regardless of where you offer it for sale. Additionally, know the iOS version of the device because most people who want to jailbreak it will want to know its specific firmware. Doing this while selling iPhone will increase its value significantly.

Compare cash and the value of a gift card

If you are selling your old Smartphone so that you can buy a new one, it is important that you find out whether the retailer offers gift cards. To be more liberal and bring in more buyers, some retailers offer gift cards for old devices. It is important that you compare the value of the gift card that the retailer might offer you for your iPhone 4 with the cash that the retailer is offering you. This will enable you to determine whether it is wise to take cash and buy a new phone or use the gift card and additional cash to buy the latest iPhone model.

Describe your iPhone properly

If you opt to sell your iPhone 4 via an auction website, describe it properly. When buying iPhones and other Apple devices, people are notoriously image conscious. They want to know the condition of the gadgets that they purchase. Therefore, describe your device properly and include images to show prospects what they will be paying for.

Leverage the power of the social media

Do not forget the power of the social media. You might have friends who want to buy your old device. Therefore, take advantage of networks like Twitter and Facebook when selling iPhone to find out how you can get more money from your old device.

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